Awards 2004

We were proud to receive a
Highly Recommended Certificate
in the 2004 Australian Achiever®
Awards for the second year in a row!

award award

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Comments noted from our customers include:

"We have a good relationship. They are very understanding with reliable service. I am very comfortable dealing with them."

“They are great at solving problems. Prompt service that meets my demands at all times. A very professional and friendly team of people who go out of their way for you.”

“Really good to deal with. Very friendly and always helpful. They do a good job. Good value.”

“They provide a valuable service. Very customer focused.”

Thank you! We are humbled by these comments. Having achieved a 95.87% score for our customer relations and service we continue our aim for 100% client satisfaction.


Excellent feedback on our glass cleaner product

Stuart Humphreys. Picture Framing Pty. Ltd.
"The thing I hate most about picture framing is the time wasted cleaning glass but I have just recently been talked into trying yet another product; have you ever heard of a glass cleaner that was not the best ever, well this one from David Glass really works, is cheap, and saves us heaps of time and money."

Rosanna Murphy - Kiah Picture Framing and Gallery.
"When Harry said he had a wonderful glass cleaner, we naturally thought, ok another product probably same as the others.
We have been customers of David Glass for over 9 years and as their products have been of the highest quality, we decided we would give the glass cleaner a go. Not only does it work, but we use a minimum amount. It doesn’t leave streaks or marks and with a good cotton cloth, it leaves a sparkling finish, especially when we need glass to look its best on a dark mount board. And good to hear it’s an Aussie product!"

Karl Scopece - Regent Gallery.
“I’ve use many glass cleaning products over the years and have found this formula to be one of the best!”

Steve Gunther - The Picture Box.
"David Glass Cleaner is the best cleaner we’ve ever used and we’ve tried them all. It makes all the other glass cleaners look average. It’s the Rolls Royce."